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María Marquez

Maria Marquez is the proud owner of the Marquez Agency, a bilingual insurance agency. Born in Mexico, but raised in Chicago, she grew up witnessing the struggles of her young, single mother trying to provide for her family. From this, she learned the meaning of hard work and gained her entrepreneurial spirit.

In July 2014, Maria married her husband and welcomed her first son, Oracio, the same year. In 2018 and 2020, they welcomed their second son, Josue, and daughter, Izabella.

Maria completed the four necessary state licenses and exams in insurance in 2016 to elevate her career in insurance. In May 2021, Maria created The Marquez Agency after realizing the lack of insurance resources and information given to people of the Hispanic/Latino community. Her company aids in providing the necessary information for these individuals to understand their insurance needs in a language that they are more comfortable with—Spanish.


FB: Maria Marquez

Li: Maria Farias

IG: @maria.marquez.fbinsmi

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