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María Cristina Aldana Calderón

María Cristina Aldana Calderón is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Her first encounter with entrepreneurship occurred at the tender age of six, when she discovered her natural talent for sales and her unquenchable thirst to create value for others.

Her transition to the United States was marked by challenges, as she embraced the opportunities that presented themselves without neglecting entrepreneurship, which allowed her to forge connections, understand market dynamics, and hone her skills. As it was the world of gastronomy that truly ignited her passion, inspired by her father’s culinary talent, Maria took the bold leap of opening Las Cazuelas Grill, and in 2013, received the successful small business award by SCORE.

Maria’s journey was not without obstacles. Economic downturns and unexpected setbacks tested her resilience, driving her to innovate. However, these obstacles only fueled her drive to succeed. The transformation of her establishment into Aldana Mexican Grill demonstrated her ability to evolve and embrace change.

Her story also highlights her commitment to learning and growth, as she sought guidance from mentors, honed her leadership skills, and immersed herself in business education with several in- person and online courses as part of her relentless pursuit of excellence.

As she contemplates the future, Maria envisions new horizons; from sharing her journey on YouTube to writing a recipe book, her desire is to inspire and empower others with her story.


FB: Aldana Mexican Grill

IG: @Aldanabarandgrill

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